At Big Zinc we operate both a small barrel line and a large capacity tank line, which enables us to accommodate components of all configurations, size and quantities.

Large Tank Capacity


We offer one of the largest tank sizes in Victoria at 3600mm x 1800mm x 900mm, with the plating tank holding 20,000 litres of solution.


This capacity allows us to plate large items such as indoor/outdoor furniture and aftermarket bumper bars, or high volume racking of smaller parts.

Barrel Line


An efficient and economical coating method, barrel line plating allows a high volume of parts to be plated with uniform coverage. Applications include any small parts, such as nuts and bolts, small braketry and mixed runs of small parts.


We have a small acid zinc barrel plating facility, plating in both gold chromate and bright zinc.


Quality Control


Our plating process is supported by Elite Surface Technologies, a NATA Certified laboratory, to ensure our plating meets international and national quality assurance standards for surface treatment.


Through Elite's extensive support service we are able to utilise testing procedures and process controls that are among the most sophisticated in the industry. This includes, but is not limited to, chemical analysis, thickness testing and neutral salt spray testing.


Small Run De-embrittlement

De-embrittlement is a heat treatment process which is carried out after electroplating where hydrogen embrittlement is likely to take place. This process removes hydrogen bubbles after plating and pickling to restore the components original tensile state.


We offer this service on request for steel components after zinc plating.